Our Story

K&K SAFARIS is the union of two cultures, Western and African, sharing the same values

​A duo for the same vision of the world, the same passion for nature and people.


Safari designer

From very early on, Karine has always been passionate about animal tourism which includes contact with primates and more specifically chimpanzees and gorillas. Her years of professional experience in a well-established Parisian agency specializing in safaris and her photographic approach to travel allows her to provide you with the most accurate and informed advice.
Going from the Equatorial Forest to the Savannah, from the bush tent to the most luxurious lodge, she knows how to program the program travel itinerary that suits you the best. Her greatest joy is being able to organize the trip of your dreams.


Wildlife guide

Kitanga comes from a tribe on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. After obtaining his diploma in human sciences, Kitanga joined the tracks of the North to exercise his passion as a naturalist guide.
For more than 25 years, he has tirelessly traveled throughout the most beautiful landscapes in Africa. He is an experienced guide, passionate about wildlife but he is also a character in his own right. In a delicately mastered French, he shares his admiration for his country through his cultural knowledge and his countless adventures.

“The constant discovery of wilderness is part of our lives and we consider ourselves privileged.
From the rustling of the forest to the roaring of the savannah, the encounters are multiple and the sensations are always intense.
By creating our K&K SAFARIS agency, we now wish to share these emotions with you and offer you unique and personalized stays.
Far from mass tourism, we provide magical moments while respecting the environment and local communities so that everyone can live in harmony with nature.

Karine and Kitanga




It is essential for us to take the necessary time to identify your tastes and expectations.
Over a cup of thea or remotely, we make ourselves available to exchange ideas and create an exceptional trip for you.


Just like the creation of an image, the design of a trip is unique.
Our stays are tailor-made and adapted to your personality. Our experience allows us to develop a trip that suits you.


Finding yourself in the heart of the impressive wildebeest migration, meeting the furtive gaze of a gorilla, listening to the sounds of nightfall around a fire, flying over the Zambezi riverLet’s make your dreams come true.

We talk about us !

Karine interviewed for the Republic of the Center, French regional daily. February 2023.

“When Jérémy called me for an interview, it was with great pleasure that I accepted and then shared with him my passion which he transcribed so well.”

Kitanga interviewed for Femme Actuelle Jeux Animo, a national bimonthly magazine. March-April 2023

“I was back from safari when I was interviewed. This evening, we had many power cuts, which did not make the job easy. It was nevertheless a good exchange with Sophie, whom I thank for her professionalism and his patience!”