As you dream

There are different and unique ways to go on a safari and marvel at the natural beauty of wildlife, through spectacular landscapes and falling asleep in out of the ordinary places. Whatever your aspiration, our goal is to support you in the choices and organization of your project.

Family safaris

Precious memories

Going with your family for an immersion in the wilderness means giving meaning to life by weaving and strengthening the links between generations. It means taking the time to immortalize unique moments of sharing and exploring different cultures. Concerned by climate change and the inequalities in the world, here is the opportunity to teach our youth that our greatest wealth preserving nature and respecting the people around us. Together, let’s create unforgettable moments.  


Engraved images

There are a thousand and one ways to celebrate great events in our life. A long-lived tradition, the honeymoon is one of the highlights of the wedding celebration and must live up to your dreams. Entrust us with your wishes so that we can make you live moments of complicity and pure emotion, which will contribute to the most beautiful memories of your couple.

Safaris "from the sky"

A sensory experience

There are lands where the ocher and wild dunes touch the blue of the sky and ripple like the oceans, where the waters travel for kilometers to pour down like a whirlwind in an iridescent mist and transform into gigantic waterfalls, the most spectacular in the world. The Fly-in safari is a unique experience, which allows you to fly over extraordinary landscapes, sometimes only accessible by air, and to photograph the marriage of colors and terrestrial elements. A private plane safari or simple transfers replace the long hours of driving and this allows you to enjoy great comfort to visit more sites and stay in charming and often unusual lodges. An exclusive and top-of-the-range trip that is truly once in a lifetime.

Deluxe travel

Marvels and savors

Far from ostentatious luxury, for K&K SAFARIS luxury is synonymous with freedom. It is making your wildest dreams come true without worrying about the passage of time. Navigate the waters of the Okavango Delta; contemplate and fall asleep under the stars at the top of a dune; savor a gourmet dinner by candlelight in the heart of a private reserve; experience the most beautiful mornings in the world facing the snow of Kilimanjaro… Always looking for rare and authentic experiences including prestigious services for a personalized and privileged service. Going on a luxury trip is also a way of taking care of wildlife, people and the earth, by choosing eco-responsible addresses.