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Tailor-Made Africa Safaris

The virtue of this journey is transformive as well as the importance of the power to help others.

With this in mind, K&K SAFARIS designs each itinerary exclusively for you, adapted to your desires, your budget and using options carefully chosen to reduce their environmental impact. We create a serene and comfortable space to allow you to feel closer to nature.

To guarantee the quality of your stay, our safaris are private, as a couple, with family or friends.

Safaris in Tanzania

Nature remains queen

It is at the first light of day, carried by the still fresh and gently scented notes of the vegetation that the calls of wildebeest and zebras take you to the heart of the African Savannah, when suddenly the silhouette of a lioness appears to you with her little ones, barely a few months old. The majestic plains of the Serengeti have many other surprises in store for you and naturally the hectic and urban life evaporates during a trip. The immensity and the grandiose beauty of the landscapes, the diversity of the wildlife, which is nevertheless so fragile, and the incredible kindness of the Tanzanians will amaze and move you. It is on these lands that K&K SAFARIS was born and this is how the dream becomes reality.

lodge dans la savane


A Human Adventure

Karine has always dreamed of approaching great apes, while more than 6,000 km from France, in Kigoma in Tanzania, Kitanga unknowingly meets Jane Goodall who will become the future famous primatologist. Kitanga studied in French-speaking schools and quickly became a naturalist guide. As for Karine, she studies photography, travels to several countries in South America, Africa and becomes a specialist advisor on safaris. Karine hears about Kitanga several times and decides to meet him. It was obvious that they stayed in touch and decided a few years later to make their dream come true together. Their goal is to share their passion for wildlife in Africa with Tanzania as their first experience for unique and unforgettable encounters. To do this, they created their local agency in Arusha and wanted to maintain a human-sized structure without intermediaries in order to ensure personalized and qualitative monitoring throughout the project until the return of the trip. Safaris are exclusively private and supervised by French and English-speaking guides with a minimum of 25 years of experience.


A story of passion

The first time I set foot on African soil was in Congo. I had decided to fulfill my childhood dream which was to meet “the great apes”.  Since this first experience under the canopy, I have maintained a compelling attraction for the Equatorial Forest. As mysterious as it is powerful and by the energy it distills in our veins,I invite you to discover it.

chimpanze a gombe national parc tanzanie

And more...

Legendary destinations

Our field of expertise does not stop there. After having observed and photographed wildlife in the rich and varied ecosystems of Africa, we also propose destinations offering multiple assets in terms of safaris and without forgetting our favorites. The development of your trip is designed by our knowledge of the terrain and the infrastructure. Our vast experience allows us to better meet your expectations which is a commitment of quality.