Gateaway to Zanzibar

Zanzibar, a name that makes you dream

After a safari during which early morning rises may tire the body, you will appreciate coming to relax for a few days on one of the beautiful beaches of the Tanzanian coast.  Aboard a small plane during a 90-minutes flight from Arusha, you will fly over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean to reach the island of Zanzibar, nicknamed the Spice Island.
The archipelago of Zanzibar is, above all, a string of several islands and coral islets, the two largest of which are “Unguja” commonly called “Zanzibar” and “Pemba“, grouped together within a semi-autonomous entity, attached to the United Republic of Tanzania. The island of Mafia and its archipelago, further south of Zanzibar is another small paradise dedicated to relaxation and diving, away from the tourist trails.
The main island of Zanzibar is distinguished by its rich colonial past, marked by maritime trade and the harmonious blend of African, Persian, Arab and Indian cultures, which have succeeded each other on its lands and shaped its architecture. Its historic city of Stone Town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has lush nature and itscrystal clear lagoons that have seduced many writers, poets and artists throughout time. This city still retains its undisputed charm.

Area : Unguja 1666 km², Pemba 988 km²
Population : About 1,5 million people
Languagues : Kiswahili and English
Currency : Shilling tanzanien (TZS) ou Dollars (USD)
Jetlag : +1h in summer, +2h in winter

Recommended period :
From July to September, dry weather rarely exceeds 30°.An intermediate period from October to March with rising temperatures but tempered by the trade winds.
On the other hand, April and May should be avoided because of the heavy rains.

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